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Back to School Safety Tips from the LASD - Lời Khuyên: An Toàn Cho Ngày Tựu Trường

Source: Back to School Safety Tips from the LASD - Lời Khuyên: An Toàn Cho Ngày Tựu Trường

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Đức Diệu Tường E-Temple: HoPhap.Net Press

Community: Back to School Safety Tips from The Los Angeles Sheriff's Department (LASD)

The new school year is here, and the adjustment to returning to school may take a few weeks. Returning to school can be fun and exciting, with every day bringing new experiences, but it can also be difficult for some children.

Kids today are faced with far more than learning new material. Interacting with teachers and other students, bullying, peer pressure and school violence are just a few of the challenges children face. You can help prepare your children for the experiences they will face at school each day and help create a safer school environment.

Read the following tips for advice on how to protect your children, and how to teach them to protect themselves.

Getting to School:
•Give yourself plenty of time as you and your children adjust to the new school schedule.
•Map out a safe way for your children to walk to school or to the bus stop.
•Work with other parents in the neighborhood to ensure that children in the neighborhood are supervised closely to and from school.
•Work with your neighbors and your child on identifying "safe houses" in the neighborhood; homes where your child is familiar and can ask for help if need be.
•Point out places they should avoid such as vacant lots, alleyways, and construction areas.
•Encourage your children to use the "buddy system".
•Teach your children to never speak to strangers or go anywhere with a stranger, and let them know its okay to report if a stranger tries to approach them.
•Teach your children to always be aware of their surroundings. Be aware of slow moving vehicles or parked vehicles that appear to be occupied. Choose a different route or walk on the opposite side of the street.
•Children need to pay attention to traffic signals and use crosswalks with a crossing guard if available.

Bus Safety:
•Make sure your children arrive at least five minutes early for the bus.
•Make sure your children know to stand on the sidewalk while waiting for the bus.
•Teach your children to make sure the bus driver can see them before walking in front of the bus, and to never walk behind a bus.
•Be aware that bullying often happens on the bus. Ask your children about their bus rides, who they sit with, and what goes on in the bus. Encourage them to report any bullying behavior.

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